Updates: why, when and how ?

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Updates: why, when and how ?

Messagepar boulmontjj » Ven 11 Avr 2008, 14:56

Is it important to update my script ? :
Some updates bring new features to the script.
If you do not wish to use them, you are not "forced" to update your script but however we advise it to you to make the later updates easier.

Other updates concern functions corrections or security failures. It is strongly recommanded to make these updates to protect you of any inconvenience (external interventions, spams, recovery of your ID by someone else, etc.)

We (the AlexGuestbook team) cannot be considered responsible of any hacking and/or of loss of data.

When to make an update?
The frequency of our script update releases is quite unpredictable and depend on the users demands, the necessary development time, and the detection of bugs or failures.
You'll know if an update is available by connecting to your administration page (does not work correctly with versions previous to 5.0)
If a new version si available, a flashing "update" picture will be shown at the bottom-left part of the menu.

An other way to know when a new version is available is to check our web site and see which version is available.

How to make the update ?
Download the zip file containing the last version, unzip It (either with the software supplied by Windows or with a third-party software, for example 7-Zip). Follow the updates instructions in the file /documentation/Intructions to upgrade from version X to version Y.htm where X is the version presently installed and Y the new version (attention, if you are late in the updates you have to go through the intermediate versions : Read the point on this matter at the bottom of this page).

Two types of updates are possible :

  • The light updates which just need to transfer the modified files to your server.
  • Others more complex updates which require sending commands on your database to modify or add fields in this one.
    In that case, commands to be executed are clearly described in the instruction file.
    All the indicated commands must be executed, otherwise your script might not work properly or at all.

What do I have to do if I missed some versions updates ?
  • Either you transfer the most recent version of every file that has been modifed in the updates considered.
    Example, a file having been modified to pass from v1 to v2 then from v2 to v3 then from v3 to v4, you can transfer only the v4 version of this file. A file modified from v1 to v2 and then was not modified anymore, you have to transfer any of the v2 or v3 or v4 version, as you want.
    If you are not certain about to do, opt for the second easier solution below.
  • Or you download all the intermediate updates and you transfer the contained files, in the order of the updates from the oldest towards the most recent.

Then, you have to pass all the SQL commands of all the intermediate updates and in the order of the updates.

An important advice
Before making any update of your script, we advise you to make a copy of all the files on your site towards your computer, to be able to restore it in case of problem.
Also, we advise you to make a backup of your database from your guestbook administration page or using your MySQL management software, such as phpMyAdmin.

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