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The copyright, your support

Publié : Ven 11 Avr 2008, 14:15
par boulmontjj
May I delete (erase) the copyright ?
The AlexGuestbook script is offered in free download and free to use under the condition to leave the copyright in its original format. It must be readable and visible.
The deletion of the copyright was conditioned by the purchase of a license but it is not more possible at the moment for administrative reasons.

I appreciate this script. How may I promote it ?
If you appreciate this script and want to promote it, the best way is above all to leave the copyright shown at the bottom of your guestbook, which is a condition of use.
You can then if you wish put links towards our site, as well as use one of our logos.

I appreciate this script. How may I help you?
If you wish to contribute to the evolution of the script, do not hesitate to share your experience with us by indicating us your tricks, your wishes, the possible detected bugs.
Do not either hesitate to answer the polls that we put on-line to know the users' expectations.

I created a skin, I would like to share it with the other users. What should I do ?
If you are the author of a skin, you can share it with the whole community of the script users.
For that purpose, visit the forum Autres skins - Other skins and check the conditions.