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English FAQ - Table of content

Publié : Dim 30 Mars 2008, 13:51
par Malabar
Here is the ist of items of the FAQ with a short description and the link to the subject.

Download :
Where, when and what do I have to download ?

Requirements :
What does the script need ?

Installation :
How do I have to install it ?

Parameters of the script :
The script options : what does each setting do ?

Customization of the script :
How to customize the script, consequences ?

Include :
How to include your guestbook in a page ?

How to manage / follow-up messages ?
What about validate, delete, edit, ... messages ?

Updates of the script :
Updates: why, when and how ?

Various often asked questions :
Questions and often submited problems.

Eliminate the white outline around the book :
Solution to eliminate the white outline around the book .

How to test the guestbook in "local" (on your PC) ?
If you wish to install the guestbook on a virtual server to test it.

Miscellaneous :
The copyright, your support.

How to fight SPAM :
Tips and tricks to avoid most of the unwanted messages on your guestbook.