NEW Alex Guestbook Version 5.0.4

This brand new version is available since May 19, 2012 (use the menu above smile )

What is @lexGuestbook ?

@lex Guestbook is a guestbook script for Internet websites. Written in PHP language, it's easy to install in minutes in most cases, even for beginners.

Main features (* = new in version 5) :

  • Free. The main condition is to leave our references at pages' bottom.
  • Stand alone : doesn't depend on another site, everything is on yours.
  • Messages' backup as often as you wish.
  • Automatic install, tables names can be chosen.

Publicly visible part :

  • Easily customizable graphic interface thanks to a skin system (all valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional*) and to numerous viewing options.
  • Viewable in different languages (around 20 languages available, see below).
  • Flags are shown for the visitors' countries.
  • Smileys integration, possibility to change them, add, remove...
  • Words that are too long are cut and it's possible to limit the length of the posts (a counter shows the remaining "allowance").
  • Internal search engine.
  • Possibility to allow visitors to give a /10 score to the site, the average is posted.
  • Includes an optional javascript box, allowing the webmaster to post a copy of the X last messages of the guestbook onto another page (i.e. on the website frontpage).
  • Possibility to post "in one click" a link "Back to the homepage" and/or a link to the "Guestbook administration".*

Messages follow-up :

  • Possibility to send a "thank you" E-mail to the visitors (customizable for each language).
  • Possibility for the webmaster to answer to each message (the answer is posted under the concerned message).

Administration interface :

  • Private administration interface with possibility to add several administrators and to set the rights for each of them.
  • Database management from the admin section : optimizing, saving, restoring.
  • Possibility to specify a time difference between the server (i.e. in the US) and the website (i.e. French website).*
  • Fields can now easily be set as : proposed or not, private (the public will not see the content of the field) or required.*
  • Validation of multiple messages on one page (if the webmaster has chosen to queue the messages sent).*

SPAM fighting :

  • Added security against robot guestbook spammers with an optionnal "captcha", asking visitors to copy a visual code before posting.
  • Censored words management (upon the webmaster's choice, either these words are replaced by a chosen text, either* the message is refused).
  • Possibility to hide the messages until the Webmaster has approved them.
  • Possibility to banish nicknames*, E-mail addresses* and IP addresses.
  • Possibility to refuse messages containing URL and, if they are allowed, possibility to render them clickable or not*.
  • Javascript encoding of the E-mail addresses to avoid collection by spamming robots.
  • Javascript encoding of the posted websites addresses to avoid usage of the guestbook for URL referencing.

What do you need to install it ?

  • A website on a server with PHP language and MySQL database.
  • An FTP software to transfer the files to the server (i.e. Filezilla).
  • The ZIP with the script files (Downloads page).

Available Languages :

You can choose any of the following languages as default, but you can also offer the possibility to your visitors to choose between several langages (i.e. you would place two flags as "buttons" : "In English" & "In French"). Language and skin choice doesn't affect the content (messages text stay the same).

Full translations :

Partially translated (some text still in English) :

Please feel free to send us your translated language files :
webmaster [arobase] smile