NEW Alex Guestbook Version 5.0.4

This brand new version is available since May 19, 2012 (use the menu above smile )

Latest version of @lexGuestbook

Current version : v 5.0.4 of 2012/05/19.

What has changed since the last version ?

  • Config parameters are now recorded in the database
  • Smileys can be disabled in one click
  • Includes are easier
  • Possibility to banish nicknames, E-mail addresses and IP addresses
  • Possibility to refuse messages containing URL and, if they are allowed, possibility to render them clickable or not
  • Possibility to refuse messages containing words censored by the admin
  • Test of the GD library before the user is allowed to activate the security code
  • MySQL 5.5 and PHP 5.3 compatibility
  • The guestbook is placed inside a DIV tag in order to avoid conflicts with the CSS styles of the rest of the website
  • Possibility to specify a time difference between the server (i.e. in the US) and the website (i.e French website)
  • Fields can now easily be set as : proposed or not, private (the public will not see the content of the field) or required
  • Option to show a link back to the homepage of the site and/or a link to the guestbook administration
  • All skins are now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • New logo adapted to our new website
  • Validation of multiple messages on one page (if the webmaster has chosen to queue the messages sent)
  • Minor bugs corrections(the alex_livre_txt_lang table didn't have a title, minor errors in some skins skins, simple quotes use in the config/config_base.php file to allow passwords containing the $ symbol)
  • A few practical improvements
  • Correction of security breaches
  • Updating script

Should you update ?

  • YES, absolutely ! Security breaches have been corrected.

For a detailed list of changes and upgrade instructions, have a look at the "update" section of the forum.

Download @lexGuestbook

Here you can download the latest version of the @lexguestbook script.

@lex Guestbook is free but please note...

That the free licence contract, in short, allows you to :

  • Download, use, copy the script without limitation in time or number of messages.
  • Modify or adapt the script.

That the free licence contract, in short, forbids you to :

  • Remove our references or make them invisible, unless you have bought a paid licence.
  • Sell the script, even a modified version.

Click here to view the full @lexGuestbook licence (txt file, also included in the zip).

I agree with these conditions and I download the ZIP (Full script with all official skins, around 1,6 Mb).

I do not agree and I go back to the home page.

Updating script :

Since version 5.0.3, an updating script is available.

Click here to download the updating script (about 200 Kb).

Other skins :

Besides the skins included in the ZIP, some users have developped other skins.

These authors can share them with the community, under their responsibility, in this section of the @lexGuestbook forum.

Please read the conditions of use carefully.